Are you about to get rid of an old wooden cabinet? Do not throw away his drawers! Following the steps of our step-by-step, you will discover how to turn them into shelves. Check the strength of the drawer, including the bottom, on which your items will rest. Consolidate with a few nails. Fill holes and cracks by applying wood paste with a spatula. Clean with a damp cloth and sand. Dust off.Paint all sides with a special wood paint of the color of your choice. Let dry and apply a second coat. On the bottom board, create wide stripes by painting the second layer on only two strips. Prepare the shelves for your future shelf: measure the distance between the two drawer uprights and its depth, then put these dimensions on the boards, before sawing them. Sand the sides, dust off and pass two coats of paint.

With your simple bookshelf, get started in an ephemeral Christmas tree decoration filled with surprises for young and old. Apply a coat of gesso to the entire support. Let dry. Apply the white paint on the entire support. 1 to 2 coats of paint will be needed. Let dry. Position the masking tape on the uprights of the shelf to symbolize the shape of the tree and the edge of the last tray. Cut an A3 paper in the format of the 1st tray and place it on the bottom without gluing it. Make 3 garlands of pennants of different lengths: Cut a piece of masking tape, fold it in half on the string and cut out the desired shape (triangle, arrow …). Attach the garlands to the side of the shelf. Make a tassel garland “tassels” with two-tone string. To get the right length of string, wrap the string 12 times around 3 fingers. This will form the ring.

How about creating a shelf with cutlery? Fast and original, this DIY will be a nice place in your kitchen. Fold the cutlery to 90 ° with a vise and then stick the cutlery and place on the wooden board cut to the desired size beforehand. Draw markers on the wall and glue the cutlery handle. Affix the structure on the wall and press strongly, then wait 24 hours before requesting the collage.

Learn how to tie yarns in different ways to create an elegant suspension and learn macrame, a hobby nature, very trendy. Light and very decorative, macramé becomes trend again. This consists in knotting together several strands of string, according to types of knots to form decorative braids. This ancient technique is to tie together large cotton threads.

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